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Risk Management - OL

Date:   Nov 15, 2019 - Nov 16, 2019
Time:   8:30 AM
Location:   Simon Fraser University
Room #3040

Workshop Facilitator: Dr. Edy Wong

One of the critical competencies required of supply chain professionals is the ability to identify, mitigate and manage risk. This workshop looks at risk management as a journey from simple identification of risks inside your own department to global risk avoidance, and supply chain resilience when avoidance is not possible. Candidates will explore tools used to identify, quantify, prioritize and properly communicate risk concerns.

Workshop Objectives
- Identify risk by different methods.
- Critique your organization’s preparedness for risk management.
- Select appropriate applications for quantifying and mitigating risk.
- Differentiate between different risk-response strategies and know when to apply each.
- Develop risk management preparedness strategies.
- Describe critical steps and roles in the risk management process.

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